Why visit the Font Santa hermitage in Moreira?

This building, dating from the 19th century, is one of the main monuments to visit in Teulada, it is formed, in addition to the hermitage, by a fountain (the Font Santa) and the house of the hermit, who used to live there, the building, As well as the fountain, they were built in the town in honor of Sant Vicent Ferrer after passing through Teulada, according to tradition, the saint passed through the town of Teulada to visit his sister Constanza. During one of their walks together through the municipality, Constanza became thirsty. For this reason, and to quench his sister’s thirst, Sant Vicent Ferrer made the water gush at this point. To pay homage to such a miracle, the Font Santa was built, a fountain where the water never stops flowing. The Font Santa hermitage is located three kilometers from the municipality and was restored for the last time in 1975.

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